Drone/UAV Lessons

Been wanting to learn to fly an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)? Thinking about getting your Part 107 license?

I’m offer private and small group lessons in California’s Bay Area. My in-classroom workshop is especially popular with individuals and small businesses who want to fly legally and commercially, as well as with folks who want hands-on flight simulator practice. It is also customizable to meet your needs.

Some of the topics covered:

  • FLIGHT SIMULATOR - hands-on practice with drone-flying video game

  • Waivers vs. airspace authorizations (and the amazing LAANC)

  • Bringing UAVs on a plane, nationally and internationally

  • Flight planning & pre-flight checklists

  • How to prepare for the Part 107 test

  • Cinematic UAV/drone techniques

  • DJI Drones Comparison

  • Drone insurance

  • And more!

Interested? Say hello@elliemccutcheon.com.