Ellie McCutcheon is a San Francisco-based drone cinematographer and archival researcher.


As a soon-to-be-certified FAA drone pilot, Ellie finds landscapes and architecture equally inspiring to film. She works with a range of drones, including DJI’s Phantom 4 Pro and Mavic Air, which enable her to meet a wide range of 4K filmmaking needs. She specializes in cinematic aerial storytelling techniques for documentary filmmakers that are also light-weight and nimble from a production perspective.


Ellie has worked and studied with award-winning documentary filmmakers and researchers such as Dawn Logsdon (Faubourg Treme (director), The Weather Underground (editor)) and Kenn Rabin (Milk (archival producer), Selma (archival researcher), An Inconvenient Sequel (archival supervisor)). She has a special passion for finding footage and stills in the public domain or that use Creative Commons licenses.


Though based in the Bay Area, Ellie’s cozy sleep-work van enables her to travel to remote locations across the Western US with the added benefit of spending nights on or near production and research sites at no extra cost to herself or the client.